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Getting into a good credit position before you next apply for a loan can help increase the likelihood of you getting approved. Take our quick quiz to see if you’re credit ready. Whilst there are many variables that lenders take into consideration when assessing a loan, this quiz will give you a general idea whether you are credit ready or not.  

Disclaimer & General Advice Warning: The results of this quiz will not guarantee a loan approval. The quiz is general and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.The questions in the credit ready quiz are based on what we believe are the top 5 reasons loans are declined. This is not a loan application, rather, a questionnaire to see where you sit in relation these top 5 reasons. The purpose of the quiz is to give you an idea of how a financier would look at your application based on your circumstances.The capacity section of the quiz is based on an average of 10 lenders and the living expenses they allow, plus we are allowing a $100 buffer. It is based on a monthly repayment of $400.00If you provide your name and email address for the credit ready quiz, your details will be entered into our database & used for marketing purposes. If you apply online for a Loan and give your details, you will be contacted by a representative of SJ Financial Services to discuss finance options for your specific circumstances.SJ Financial Services is a trading name of Steel Surf Sity Korp Pty Ltd.  ABN 83 002 732 603. Australian Credit Licence Number 387453.